Joo Soap Package        Aalto Eco Soap

JooSoap is a project which aims to spread the knowledge of the ecological soap making from used (kitchen)cooking oil. The technique/recipe we use is modified by Mrs. Feng-Ying Chiang from Taiwan Taichung Maple Community(台中楓樹環保小學堂). They have long experience of making and teaching this eco-friendly soaps since 1996, with training more than 2,000 eco-friendly soap lecturers in Taiwan.

Set up in 2011, the JooSoap Studio starts in Finland directed by industrial designer Ying-Ju Lin, whom is currently doing master study in Industrial and Strategic Design/Creative Sustainability in Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture. She is developing and implementing a concept to spread this eco-friendly soap making knowledge forward to worldwide scale by utilizing design strategy and online resources. It involves workshops, peer production, toolkits, giveaway printing materials and social media networking/sharing. JooSoap Studio in Finland also aims to enables collaborative cooperation with students, staff and residents in Aalto University and Helsinki metropolitan area to contribute their expertise in expanding this project.

The used cooking oil we use are collected from the residential community, restaurants on TKK campus and some restaurant in Helsinki. Currently, most of our used cooking oil is gathering from student restaurant Täffä. The recycled cooking oil will be incorporated into new cleaning products with Cold Process method to make eco-friendly cleaning soap and liquid soap. The mold structure, pattern, package are designed by design students from TaiK(Aalto University, School of Art, Design and Architecture).

In the meanwhile, we are working on developing framework/handbook of organizing JooSoap workshops and setting up co-working studio model that could be replicated easily in the future.

JooSoap Studio now have a small space in Typpilaakso in Kääntöpöytä(the old railway depot in Pasila), Helsinki, Finalnd. We sometimes have workshop and have sets of toolkit could be borrowed. If you or your organization have a space and would like to have a JooSoap workshop or even setup a JooSoap testing studio, please contact us: info(at)

Thank you!


Timeline of JooSoap:

2013 JooSoap workshop in Siivouspäivä etkot

2013 JooSoap lecture and workshop at Zamek Cieszyn in Poland

2012 “Gramy w zielone” eco-design projects exhibition at Zamek Cieszyn in Poland

2012 JooSoap workshop in Lauttasaaren yhteiskoulu, hand-washing day

2012 Aalto MoA Exhibition

2011 Choosen as Nordic Climate Festival give away present to participants

2011 Spring, JooSoap Studio is set up in Aalto University Design Factory on TKK campus by Otto Pekande, Katriina Talja, Ying-Ju Lin in “How to change the world: Sustainability Projects” course and with the help of Aalto Social Impact, Anne Badan and Andrew Clutterbuck

2010 autumn, Aalto University Creative Sustainable course, Ying-Ju Lin constructed the eco-soap making idea in Finland with Aalto eco-campus project.

Mikä on JooSoap?

JooSoap on opiskelijaprojekti, jonka tarkoituksena on levittää tietoa ekologisesta saippuanvalmistuksesta.

Taiwanissa paljon saippuaa valmistetaan käytetystä ruokaöljystä, niin teollisesti kuin myös kotioloissa. Tämä sivusto opastaa saippuanvalmistukseen, joka on helppo ja hauska kotiprojekti.