JooSoap Journey

Each small steps lead us to explore and continue the JooSoap eco-soap journey. Toward a sustainable world.

The Initiation of JooSoap

During Aalto Eco-campus project in the Creative Sustainability master’s program course at Aalto University, Ying-Ju first time mentioned this eco-soap knowledge in the class. Since no one in the class heard this before but wanna see how it works, Ying-Ju decide to have a tryout of making some eco-soaps from campus resources.

“JooSoap” was initiated in another Creative Sustainability master’s program courses: “How to Change the World” at Aalto University. Inspired by Ying-Ju’s story about the impactful community eco-soap making movement happening in her home town, the students was keen to apply this idea to Finland. All together, Ying-Ju Lin, Otto Pekande and Kartriina Talja started to operate JooSoap workshops in Design Factory and received positive feedback from participants. With support from Taiwan Maple community’s 16- year experience. The operation of JooSoap was recreated, redesigned in order to adapt for Finnish context for sharing this eco-soap knowledge.

The souvenir order from 2011 Nordic Climate Festival was the official kick off for JooSoap studio. During the event, there were two workshops held and 120 eco-soaps produced as a gift for the forum participants. This successful experience established the studio’s foundation and encouraged JooSoap’s journey in Finland…