JooSoap Journey

Each small steps lead us to explore and continue the JooSoap eco-soap journey. Toward a sustainable world.

  • New video clip of JooSoap making released
    Joosoap video clip

    The quick clip (2 minutes) of making process of JooSoap: an eco-soap made from used cooking oil. We offer instruction language in English, Chinese, Finnish, and Spanish. Enjoy making your own soaps and don't forget to take a

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  • Testing JooSoap Eco liquid soap on boat washing in Hernesaari, Helsinki

    Testing JooSoap Eco liquid soap on boat washing. We challenged the most difficulty parts like waterline stains and metal. And YES!! It works really well, very effectively. Proofed by the experienced master. @Hernesaari, Helsinki #joosoap #ecosoap #ecoliquidsoap #sustainblecleaning #boatwashing

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  • JooSoap workshop for a private group

    We had a great afternoon with a private group workshop. Adding 4 more people from Slovakia, Serbia, and Portugal, that we now reach 42 countries of JooSoap workshop participants!! These eco-soaps will be the best Eco-gifts ready for

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  • Welcome 1st JooSoap Ambassador Tom!

    Welcome 1st Joosoap Ambassador Tom! He will soon start a long trip to South America moving from eco-community to eco-community. He plans to share Eco-Soap knowledge and hold JooSoap workshops during his journey! Contact us if you wanna

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  • Pop up at Kauppatori (Helsinki market square)

    3 day amazing pop-up at #Kauppatori2017 stalls. We collected 45 liters of used cooking oil from market vendors and co-making during our pop-ups. People could also tryout JooSoap Eco-Soap products for FREE!

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  • Nordic Permaculture Festival 2016

    4-7 August, 2016 at Isnäs, Finland We are happy to take part in 2016 Nordic Permaculture Festival. Sharing Eco-Soap knowledge and done a beautiful JooSoap Eco-Soap Workshop and demonstration with local Labby Catering’s used cooking oil. Thank you

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  • Open Source Circular Economy Days, Helsinki 2016

    JooSoap Studio is honored to take part in Open Source Circular Economy Days Helsinki again in 2016. This time is right next to our office door at the urban farming center: Kääntöpöytä Green house. "Open Source Circular Economy

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  • JooSoap vs. University of Helsinki, Department of Chemistry

    Great workshop with Chemistry Pros in University of Helsinki. Lots of learning for us as well. 🙂

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  • Open Source Circular Economy Days, Helsinki 2015

    We are happy to see so many people joining our eco-soap workshop on first OSCEdays Helsinki! We fetched 8 liters of used cooking oil from nearby FAFA's restaurant and make around 6 liters of eco-soap with 18 people. WELL DONE! Thanks

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  • JooSoap workshop@Siivouspäivä etkot 2013

    Siivouspäivä, cleaning day is a big day for friends of secondhand and urban culture in Helsinki. On 22nd May, Siivouspäivä etkot(pre-party) event, we had 2 workshops with altogether 17 people participated hands-on making and other more people joined

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  • JooSoap vs. Castle Cieszyn, Poland

    Zamek Cieszyn is a reginal design center in Cieszyn, on the Polish-Czech border. This year is their 8th anniversary. I had a great time visiting exhibitions, sharing JooSoap story to audiences in the Art Castel conference and 2 eco-soap

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  • JooSoap at Zamek Cieszyn 8th Anniversary, Poland

    1.2-3.2.2013 Very Wise Birthday of Castle Cieszyn! It's my pleasure to be invited to give a presentation and workshop in Zamek Cieszyn. 2 Eco-soap making Workshops on 2.2(Sat.) 11:00-12:00, 17:00-18:00 I heard the workshops are almost fully booked, We will have fun!

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  • Joosoap vs Lauttasaaren yhteiskoulu, Helsinki

    Nice workshops with students in Secondary and Upper Secondary School of Lauttasaari on their hand-washing day. Later on they will make their own package for the soap in art class. 🙂

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  • Exhibition at Zamek Cieszyn in Poland

    JooSoap is selected as a good example of ecology and environmental protection in the exhibition “Gramy w zielone. Odpowiedzialne projektowanie” (We play in green. Responsible design) at Zamek Cieszyn in Poland - a regional design center on the Polish-Czech border.

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  • Experiment of self-service eco-soap making

    Is it possible to conduct the eco-soap making without someone teaching face-to-face? Experiment of self-service eco-soap making, by utilizing all material and instruction on the table. Andy, the coach from Design Factory tried his first time! Easy!

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  • Bring you own used cooking oil for workshop

    Bianca is the first one brings own used cooking oil to the workshop. The oil from her kitchen is so clean!! Her soaps will definitely be white and shining 🙂  

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  • Exhibition at MoA 2012'

    Two more weeks to go. Come visit us with your own bottle.

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  • JooSoap * MoA 2012

    We will have a small stand in Design Factory projects/Unicef Finland area in this year MoA. Just next to amazing toilet area. "Bring your own bottle for refilling some eco liquid soap!" Welcome!! 9 May- 3 June 2012 Mon-Fri

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  • Gathering used cooking oil from campus restaurant

    We are now mostly gathering used cooking oil from Täffä restaurant on TKK campus, also some from friends' kitchen. Restaurant manager Mats and his colleagues are very exciting and supporting this project. When we have more soap/liquid soap ready, we

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  • New display space at Aalto Design Factory

    Winter time....snowing and freezing outside. We moved from garage to an inside display area in room Puuhama at Aalto Design Factory.

    • Take a piece of Aalto University away with you!
    Some eco-soaps are given away, gratefully with feedback

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  • JooSoap vs Nordic Climate Festival

      Joosoap is chosen to the give away present to Nordic Climate Festival workshop participants. We come up a good idea to package them. Well Done! *Package co-creation by Ying-Ju Lin/Ren Tong/Lam Hau Yee Noel/Kuan-Lun Lo, 2011

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The Initiation of JooSoap

During Aalto Eco-campus project in the Creative Sustainability master’s program course at Aalto University, Ying-Ju first time mentioned this eco-soap knowledge in the class. Since no one in the class heard this before but wanna see how it works, Ying-Ju decide to have a tryout of making some eco-soaps from campus resources.

“JooSoap” was initiated in another Creative Sustainability master’s program courses: “How to Change the World” at Aalto University. Inspired by Ying-Ju’s story about the impactful community eco-soap making movement happening in her home town, the students was keen to apply this idea to Finland. All together, Ying-Ju Lin, Otto Pekande and Kartriina Talja started to operate JooSoap workshops in Design Factory and received positive feedback from participants. With support from Taiwan Maple community’s 16- year experience. The operation of JooSoap was recreated, redesigned in order to adapt for Finnish context for sharing this eco-soap knowledge.

The souvenir order from 2012 Nordic Climate Festival was the official kick off for JooSoap studio. During the event, there were two workshops held and 120 eco-soaps produced as a gift for the forum participants. This successful experience established the studio’s foundation and encouraged JooSoap’s journey in Finland…