Aalto TestSite Paradox City Exhibition

JooSoap Exhibition, JooSoap

Happy ending of the year 2018! The 1st season of The Test Site is presented at the Paradox City Exhibition. Every TestSite projects were linking with relative input/outs resources sharing on the campus. JooSoap Campus Mini Studio collected the used cooking oil from the Täffä restaurant on the campus and using some dry herbs from the TestSite garden. The ecosoap and liquid soap were providing TestSite community to clean the tools and washing greasy hands after some hands-on works.

Welcome to visit the Aalto University Dipoli on the Otaniemi campus.

Paradox City exhibition presents complementing pradoxes that will transport the visitor from the era of Otnäs manor towards the next development stages of the campus.The exhibition is open to public 20 November 2018 – 18 January 2019 at the Dipoli Gallery according to Dipoli’s opening hours.