JooSoap Ambassador Tom-Journey map 2017

JooSoap JooSoap Ambassador, Workshop

“The experience was wonderful and I hope I was able to spread the message of recycling and give a second chance to wastes with a useful household product. People were glad for the opportunity to learn another way of recycling attending my workshops. Eventually, they will, in turn, teach to more and more people and the word will spread.” -Tom

Our first JooSoap ambassador Tom has completed his journey in South America in 2017. He conducted 4 workshops and spread JooSoap message forward. Thank you!

We are super happy to meet him in person and we all look forward to his upcoming plan in Spain and Italy. Stay on tuned!

 Eutopia Ecocentro, Reque (Chiclayo, Perú) / 26. November. 2016

Arcoiris Ecoaldea, Perú / 01. January. 2017

Paramo Permacultura Colombia / 01. May. 2017

GEA (Granja ecologica autosuficiente) Estrella de Belen, Colombia / 17. May. 2017

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