Interviewed by Yle

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Ying-Ju Lin from JooSoap Studio was interviewed by Yle at Espoo Mini Maker Faire on 18.10.2015. See what is up to date with JooSoap’s plan. And thanks the JooSoap TEAM! Video: #JooSoap #EcoSoap #EspooMiniMakerFaire #Workshop #Interview #Yle

JooSoap at Espoo Mini Maker Faire, 2015

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Thanks all for joining us in Espoo Mini Maker Faire. We had 30 adults + 8 kids as eco-soap makers and plus much more stand by supporting/monitoring us around. 😉 Every team done it well!! Date: October 17-18th, 2015 Place: Design Factory, Otaniemi, ESPOO Event Page Thanks for the event organizers, collaborate used cooking oil provider: Täffä restaurant on Otaniemi …

Open Source Circular Economy Days, Helsinki 2015

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We are happy to see so many people joining our eco-soap workshop on first OSCEdays Helsinki! We fetched 8 liters of used cooking oil from nearby FAFA’s restaurant and make around 6 liters of eco-soap with 18 people. WELL DONE! Thanks you today’s workshop assistant: Vilja, Malin and the master Nancy from Taiwan!

JooSoap x NPO せっけんの街 (Sekken no Machi Organization)

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A honored and inspired visiting to eco-soap making pioneer when Ying-Ju transfer her flight in Tokyo, Japan. The Eco-soap knowledge she learned and collaborate with Taiwan Maple Community is originally learned from these masters back in 1995. NPO Sekken no Machi Organization(せっけんの街) has just celebrated their 30 years anniversary and still very actively spreading this knowledge in Japan. They have …

JooSoap [email protected]äivä etkot 2013

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Siivouspäivä, cleaning day is a big day for friends of secondhand and urban culture in Helsinki. On 22nd May, Siivouspäivä etkot(pre-party) event, we had 2 workshops with altogether 17 people participated hands-on making and other more people joined for discussions. Although the weather was rainy outside, we still successful completed this event and had fun. I hope everyone had a great …

JooSoap vs. Castle Cieszyn, Poland

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Zamek Cieszyn is a reginal design center in Cieszyn, on the Polish-Czech border. This year is their 8th anniversary. I had a great time visiting exhibitions, sharing JooSoap story to audiences in the Art Castel conference and 2 eco-soap making workshops with local residents. Thanks for your participating, also your smiles and feedbacks . Let’s see how your soaps look like …

JooSoap at Zamek Cieszyn 8th Anniversary, Poland

JooSoap JooSoap, Workshop

1.2-3.2.2013 Very Wise Birthday of Castle Cieszyn! It’s my pleasure to be invited to give a presentation and workshop in Zamek Cieszyn. 2 Eco-soap making Workshops on 2.2(Sat.) 11:00-12:00, 17:00-18:00 I heard the workshops are almost fully booked, We will have fun!