Theoretical Soap-making workshop at GEA (Granja ecologica autosuficiente), Colombia

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Theoretical workshop on soap-making (Taller teorico de Jabon)

The workshop took place on the 17th of May 2017 at the homestead “Estrella de Belen”. The residents are planning to create a complete sustainable ecologique farm and offer hostel service in the future.

The place is a piece of marvelous landscape in the middle of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in the north of Colombia. All around is just deep tropical forest. The residents were looking for a way to sustainably clean and wash, i.e. a biodegradable soap.

I taught them the way to make their own soap either for washing dishes, clothes and floors, or for the body, using only recycled cooking oil or fats and caustic soda.

Unfortunately, the homestead was far from any town and we could not purchase caustic soda, hence I was limited to teach the theory of soap-making and how to clean/wash used oil, as well as how to create your own citrus scent. People were happy of the new knowledge aquired. Now it is time for them to experiment and learn by doing!

GEA (Granja ecologica autosuficiente) Estrella de Belen, Colombia

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I am an enthusiast researcher with the obsession for recycling, permaculture, renewable energy and of course, eco soap-making. I literally bounced into joosoap when surfing on the web and I got impressed seeing how somebody else in the world had an idea similar to mine about used oil for soap making as a way to reduce waste and environment damaging. I proudly enrolled as the first Joosoap Ambassador in south america. To the adventure .....!!!!

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