Hävikki festarit_2018

JooSoap JooSoap

Another year taking part at the Hävikki- ja kiertotalousfestarit in 2018. We met many people and got chance to network with entrepreneurs/organizations working with waste to useful stuffs! Glad to be part of the movement. ♻️🌍 We also had a demo on ecosoap co-making, upcycling used cooking oil from next door Hävikkiruokaravintola Loop. We always love the vision behind the Loop restaurant and has been enjoyed having lunch there. It’s so good to make friends that share the same value on the way to achieve a better sustainable lifestyle. More EcoSoap movement seeds were planted today.

Venue: Lapinlahti, Helsinki
Time: 15.09.2018, 11-18