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Completed! On this Helsinki Day 2017 celebration, we upcycled 10 liters of local used cooking oil by co-making with visitors. Some of used cooking oil were collected from Kääntöpöytä kitchen and others were from Finnish #vappumunkki oil. Altogether will turned into 100 eco-soap after 8 weeks. Thanks all for join today. 🙂

Farming, Climbing, Petanque and Urban Planning – Rock Your Body and Mind!

Kääntöpöytä Café open 13:00-17:00 (only cash)

Urban nutrient cycles – Three presentations about nutrient cycles in urban farming: 13:00-14:00
* Using urine in water cultivation systems
* Maintaining dry toilets and utilising compost and urine
* Foundations of worm composting and heat composting

Box and allotment gardening tips: 14:00-15:00
*Sowing, planting, conditioning and weeding in the gardens at Kääntöpöytä

Soap from used cooking oil -workshop by JooSoap! 14:00->

Climbing in the city: all afternoon
*Instruction in climbing, especially bouldering: 14:00 and 15:00
*Bouldering on the pop-up climbing wall at Kääntöpöytä and open doors to the Finnish Society for the Promotion of Climbing
*Visitors can borrow climbing shoes from Boulderkeskus Cave

Petanque-sessions by Helsinki Petanque 14:00-16:00

Urban design workshop: 15:00
* Come and discuss the development of the unique environment around Keski-Pasila and the old railway yards.

DJ & Live Music! Bands will perform from 16:00 onwards!

This event is part of Helsinki Day program.


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