JooSoap Ambassadors

The world is huge, and people speak different languages. We know it would be more effective if more people are taking actions locally. Therefore, we have this idea to invite people around the world whom have been working on making this type of Eco-Soap or is enthusiastic to spread JooSoap idea forward to join as "JooSoap Ambassador". We hope through this program to encourage people in different cities and countries to network together and share local implementation insights.


JooSoap Ambassador - Italy & Spain


JooSoap Ambassador - Portugal

Welcome 2nd JooSoap Ambassador : Cátia

Cátia has been providing her expertise in strengthen the background knowledge of the ecosoap and liquid soap making, and let us know our process is safe to continue. It's great to know she is taking actions in Lisbon and time to time devote her knowledge in local events.



It all began with my master's thesis in Energy and Environmental Engineering: I took the used cooking oil from two canteens on campus, and used it as base for liquid soap production.

I founded Project I Do, an environmental project to encourage people to value this type of waste, that could be used as the raw material for household cleaning soap production.

It saves and preserves natural resources, and creates a local level circular economy of used cooking oil, enganging the local stakeholders.

Project I Do is about doing something: I, as the initial point for any environmental action.

Project I Do is about commitment: I Do! I do have the responsibility to contribute to change something.

- Cátia -

Welcome 1st JooSoap Ambassador Tom!

Tom has been made ecosoap from used cooking oil for 3 years and would also wanna spread this great idea. He is having a long trip to South America moving from eco-community to eco-community. He plans to share ecosoap knowledge and hold joosoap workshops during his journey! Great to have Tom join JooSoap network and collaborate to make this JooSoap Ambassador idea to be realized. His journey will be update here time to time. Good luck to his journey!

"I am an enthusiast researcher with the obsession for recycling, permaculture, renewable energy and of course, eco soap-making. I love the idea of used oil for soap making as a way to reduce waste and environment damaging. I proudly enrolled as the first JooSoap Ambassador in South America.

My project for my year-long trip is to visit and stay in ecocommunities / ecovillages around South America, involve myself in a sustainable life in harmony with nature, and teach how to recycle used oils/fats to make eco soaps. To the adventure .....!!!!"

- Tom -

JooSoap Ambassador Tom-Journey map 2017

“The experience was wonderful and I hope I was able to spread the message of recycling and give a second chance to wastes with a useful household product. People were glad for the opportunity to learn another way of recycling ...

Theoretical Soap-making workshop at GEA (Granja ecologica autosuficiente), Colombia

Theoretical workshop on soap-making (Taller teorico de Jabon) The workshop took place on the 17th of May 2017 at the homestead “Estrella de Belen”. The residents are planning to create a complete sustainable ecologique farm and offer hostel service in ...

Paramo Permacultura Colombia Soap-making Workshop

On the 1st of May 2017, I organized a soap-making workshop with the association “Paramo Permacultura Colombia” in Paipa (Colombia). We used recycled oil from the cooking of typical colombian “arepas”(flat bread) and caustic soda. Angela and Gregory, the permaculture ...

Ecowashing in Arcoiris Ecoaldea

Arcoiris (Rainbow in Spanish) is an ecovillage located between the city of Iquitos and Nauta (Peru’), right in the middle of the peruvian Amazon jungle. The ecovillage relies, for the water provisions (drinking, washing, bathing …), only on the small ...

Workshop in Eutopia Ecocentro

The workshop took place on Saturday, 26th November 2016, at the Eutopia Ecocentro, in Reque (Chiclayo, Perú). The place is a wonderful ecovillage with the main mission to develop sustainable lifestyle (agriculture, farming, resource sharing) in balance with nature. Eco-Soap ...

Possible plan

Peru for at least 1+ months –> Ecuador some months (not defined yet) –> Colombia (not defined yet) detour few more stops? perhaps! ...