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The workshop took place on Saturday, 26th November 2016, at the Eutopia Ecocentro, in Reque (Chiclayo, Perú). The place is a wonderful ecovillage with the main mission to develop sustainable lifestyle (agriculture, farming, resource sharing) in balance with nature. Eco-Soap making was perfectly fitting into that environment. The main ingredients were wasted fats (chicken fats) and caustic soda. Eventually we added some coffee grounds for scrubbing purposes (in the first batch) and some essential oil at the end of the process (in a second batch). The aim was to produce some laundry soap. We heated the mixture so that saponification occurred faster than in the cold process, and for the finished product there was no need to wait for the curing.

The results were really satisfactory, the laundry soap was very effective on clothes.

Eutopia Ecocentro

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I am an enthusiast researcher with the obsession for recycling, permaculture, renewable energy and of course, eco soap-making. I literally bounced into joosoap when surfing on the web and I got impressed seeing how somebody else in the world had an idea similar to mine about used oil for soap making as a way to reduce waste and environment damaging. I proudly enrolled as the first Joosoap Ambassador in south america. To the adventure .....!!!!

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