JooSoap Journey

Each small steps lead us to explore and continue the JooSoap EcoSoap journey. Toward a sustainable world.
JooSoap workshop 2023 highlights
2 November 2023
Some highlights of 2023 season eco-soap and liquid soap workshops in Helsinki. Kicking off the season by co-making session with old friends on the EARTH DAY. In total we organized...
*Dodo’s Harfest 2023
15 September 2023
Take part at our neighborhood NGO Dodo's HarFest 2023 event with great vibes! Washing bikes, baby stroller, shoes with our liquid soap. Since the weather was great, we also made...
Demo to FutureUA project researchers
24 August 2023
It was our pleasure to share our story, experience with local restaurants and demo EcoSoap-making with Urban Agriculture for Resilient Future (#FutureUA) project research fellows. And get to know some...
JooSoap pop up stand at the Second Hand Market Redi
Pop up stand at Second Hand Market Redi
1 November 2022
Looking for some eco-gifts for the Xmas season? JooSoap products are available at the Second Hand Market Redi, 3rd floor of the Redi Shopping Mall in Kalasatama, Helsinki. Until 19.01.2023...
JooSoap workshop 2022 highlights
4 October 2022
EcoSoap workshops in Helsinki were finally slowly back from the pandemic. As usual, we made eco-soaps together and get discussions with related environmental and health issues. Good to meet many...
Good News from Finland
22 June 2022
JooSoap Studio is in the Good News from Finland's article : FIVE FROM FINLAND: Responsible design. We will keep the spirits up and continue spread the word. Check the article...
JooSoap Taiwan Maple-Eco-School completed 30 school touring workshops in 2021
Touring workshop 2021, TAIWAN
20 December 2021
The EcoSoap touring workshop together with Taichung Maple Eco School visited 19 schools in 2021! Organized by TPCF foundation, this year we spend some time on the southeast coast of...
JooSoap Taiwan_TUM_exhibition_2021
TUM Taiwan Acts! Exhibition
9 July 2021
Our main partner Taiwan Taichung Maple Culture Association and the Maple Eco School has been selected to the exhibition "TAIWAN ACTS, Architecture in Social Dialogue" at the A.M. Architekturmuseum Der...
JooSoap Taiwan_Customized Ecogift for Xterra Kenting_2021
Customized EcoSoap for XTERRA TAIWAN
20 March 2021
Being proud to take part in producing these batch of meaning gift. Customized EcoSoaps for 2021 XTERRA TAIWAN finish souvenir. 150 liters of used cooking oil were upcycled and raw...
JooSoap Taiwan Maple-Eco-School completed 30 school touring workshops in 2020
Touring workshop 2020, TAIWAN
31 December 2020
Another busy and challenging year! The EcoSoap touring workshop together with Taichung Maple Eco School visited 30 schools in 2020! As everything has been planned at least half year ahead,...
JooSoap Taiwan lectures for Kenting National Park schools_2020
JooSoap Taiwan*Touring Lectures for Kenting National Park schools
25 December 2020
“The invisible pollution is the worst pollution." JooSoap Taiwan our main partner Taichung Maple Eco School collaborate with our EcoSoap lecturers in Daguang Community and the Kenting National Park Headquarters...
JooSoap EcoSoap workshop at the Helsinki Design Week 2019
Kiitos! JooSoap*Helsinki Design Week 2019
27 September 2019
Thank you all for joining the JooSoap EcoSoap workshop * Helsinki Design Week edition 2019. During these Helsinki Design Week workshops, we upcycled 25 liters of used cooking oil from...
JooSoap workshop_Keru Circular Workshop Day
Keru Circular Workshop Day
7 September 2019
We were taking part at the Keru-yhteisöjääkaappi Circular Workshop Day, part of the HDW 2019 side events. At Keru, we met a nice group of people joining the workshop and...
JooSoap_BBM_Jade workshop_2019
*BBM EcoSoap workshop at JADE
6 September 2019
What an energetic morning with this elderly group for ecosoap making! Thanks Black Bear Metsässä (BBM) invited us to collaborate with JADE -toimintakeskus for this activity. We all had a...
JooSoap workshop_Helsinki Design Week_2019
JooSoap workshop * Helsinki Design Week 2019
22 August 2019
Come and Make your own special edition eco soap just for Helsinki Design week! “Local produce, local use! Easy and fun to do! Stop dumping used cooking oil that blocks...
JooSoap workshop_I am Helsinki_dodo_Helsinki Day 2019
I am Helsinki*Dodo, Helsinki Day
12 June 2019
Helsinki Day 2019 ecosoap making at the Dodo's I AM Helsinki event. 2 liters of used cooking oil were upcycled from nearby catering and also Kääntöpöytä kitchen and co-make into...
JooSoap workshop with international students at the Helsinki Oodi library_WCEF_2019
WCEF 2019-We want future! -festival
5 June 2019
WCEF2019 The World Circular Economy Forum 2019 in Helsinki, Finland on 3-5 June 2019 built the next era of the circular economy. We were invited to join the side event "We...
JooSoap Taiwan_touring workshop_2019
Touring workshop 2019, TAIWAN
25 April 2019
It's our honor to collaborate with Taichung Maple Eco School again to complete this series of touring lecturer/workshop, invited and organized by TPCF foundation. We visited 19 schools with at...
Aalto TestSite Paradox City Exhibition
1 December 2018
Happy ending of the year 2018! The 1st season of The Test Site is presented at the Paradox City Exhibition. Every TestSite projects were linking with relative input/outs resources sharing...
Thanks for joining JooSoap workshop, Helsinki Design Week edition, 2018
Kiitos! JooSoap*Helsinki Design Week 2018
28 September 2018
Thank you all for joining the JooSoap EcoSoap workshop * Helsinki Design Week edition 2018. During these Helsinki Design Week workshops, we upcycled 30 liters of used cooking oil from...
Hävikki festarit_2018
15 September 2018
Another year taking part at the Hävikki- ja kiertotalousfestarit in 2018. We met many people and got chance to network with entrepreneurs/organizations working with waste to useful stuffs! Glad to...
JooSoap workshop*Helsinki Design Week 2018
20 August 2018
Now, Come and Make your own special edition Eco-Soap just for Helsinki Design week! “Local produce, local use! Easy and fun to do! Stop dumping used cooking oil that blocks...
JooSoap ambassador in Lisbon, Portugal
Welcome 2nd JooSoap Ambassador Cátia!
29 July 2018
Welcome 2nd JooSoap Ambassador Cátia! She is a portuguese environment enginner, living in Lisbon. She completed her master thesis in production of liquid soap from used cooking oil (in a...
JooSoap team at Kellokosken-Ekolabra 2018
Kellokosken Ekolabra 2018
26 May 2018
What a great experience to participate Kekola Kellokosken Ekolabra Kiertotalousfestivaali 26.5.2018, circular economy event. Amazing atmosphere! We met so many lovely visitors interested in our products, workshops and shared our...
JooSoap Taiwan_UN CSW62_2018
6 April 2018
We are happy to join again in the 2018 NGO CSW-62 Forum at UN New York! Together with Taichung Maple Eco-School, we presented JooSosp project and cases both in Taiwan...
Hävikki festarit_2017
16 September 2017
Local Circular Economy in action! We were invited by the Betre team to join the Hävikkifestarit – Ruokahävikki- ja kiertotalousfestarit (Food Waste and Circular Economy Festival) 2017. The event was...
JooSoap_Rehogar 9 Exhibition_Open Design and Reuse
REHOGAR exhibition @ Barcelona, Spain
15 September 2017
JooSoap is selected in the Makea Tu Vida-REHOGAR 9 exhibition “Open Design & Reuse” in Barcelona, Spain. REHOGAR 9 presents a selection of 35 experiences, practices and tools from all...
Open Source Circular Economy Days, Helsinki 2017
15 June 2017
♫ Open Source Circular Economy Day Helsinki 2017 ♫ We upcycled 8 liters of used cooking oil(from on-side restaurant) into around 80 EcoSoaps! Thanks all for joining the workshop and...
JooSoap*Helsinki Day 2017 @ Kääntöpöydällä
11 June 2017
Completed! On this Helsinki Day 2017 celebration, we upcycled 10 liters of local used cooking oil by co-making with visitors. Some of used cooking oil were collected from Kääntöpöytä kitchen and...
[Video]JooSoap Story – Circular Economy
30 May 2017
Check our latest video about JooSoap Studio Story in Helsinki, Finland. See how we apply with circular economy and design strategies, to act locally and globally. The project of making...

The Initiation of JooSoap

During Aalto Eco-campus project in the Creative Sustainability master's program course at Aalto University, Ying-Ju first time mentioned this eco-soap knowledge in the class. Since no one in the class heard this before but wanna see how it works, Ying-Ju decide to have a tryout of making some eco-soaps from campus resources.

"JooSoap" was initiated in another Creative Sustainability master’s program courses: "How to Change the World" at Aalto University. Inspired by Ying-Ju’s story about the impactful community eco-soap making movement happening in her home town, the students was keen to apply this idea to Finland. All together, Ying-Ju Lin, Otto Pekande and Kartriina Talja started to operate JooSoap workshops in Design Factory and received positive feedback from participants. With support from Taiwan Maple community's 16- year experience. The operation of JooSoap was recreated, redesigned in order to adapt for Finnish context for sharing this eco-soap knowledge.

The souvenir order from 2011 Nordic Climate Festival was the official kick off for JooSoap studio. During the event, there were two workshops held and 120 eco-soaps produced as a gift for the forum participants. This successful experience established the studio’s foundation and encouraged JooSoap’s journey in Finland...