Thanks for joining JooSoap workshop, Helsinki Design Week edition, 2018

Kiitos! JooSoap*Helsinki Design Week 2018

JooSoapJooSoap, Workshop

Thank you all for joining the JooSoap EcoSoap workshop * Helsinki Design Week edition 2018.

During these Helsinki Design Week workshops, we upcycled 30 liters of used cooking oil from local restaurants: Loop, Löyly, Labby Catering, My Dear Kitchen in Helsinki, Kääntöpöyta kitchen, and some neighborhood household oil. Thank you for the collaborate restaurants, the meetups with you all were also inspiring.

Thank you for all workshop helpers and participants, it was great experience to organize this kind of intensive series of ecosoap workshop in a week. We enjoyed the smiles on your face when making EcoSoaps, preparing your packaging and soap carving at the design corner, and the discussions between all amount us in the workshops. We hope you all enjoy this late summer and start using your EcoSoap in upcoming months. See you next time!

* Missed out the workshop this time? Follow us for more workshops to come. Workshops for private group are always warmly welcomed by email to [email protected]