Open Source Circular Economy Days, Helsinki 2017

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♫ Open Source Circular Economy Day Helsinki 2017 ♫
We upcycled 8 liters of used cooking oil(from on-side restaurant) into around 80 EcoSoaps! Thanks all for joining the workshop and co-making together. And some bikes were turning shining today! Well done!


JooSoap Studio is honored to take part in Open Source Circular Economy Days Helsinki again in 2017. This year was taking place with “Teurastamon kiertotalouspäivä” at Teurastamo (Tukkutori / Wholesale Market area).


Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCEdays) is a global event & community to create open resources & possibilities for a global shift towards a waste-free, sustainable and environmentally friendly Circular Economy. In Helsinki we’ll be hosting one of the coolest – pun intended – OSCE chapters . We are proud to represent the most Northern l-attitude!”

Welcome to Teurastamo circular economy day on 3rd, June, 2017! During one day a group of makers will demonstrate a closed loop industrial system in the Teurastamo courtyard. A group of mini factories that produce all sort of goods from beer and food to soap and nutrients with a principle that waste from one process is food for another process.

It’s gonna be cool. So be there. All mini factories will have workshop were you can learn to do-it-yourself!!!

Teurastomo circular economy day is part of global Open Source Circular Economy days (OSCEDays).
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Bring up our EcoSoap products to swap 20 liters of used cooking oil from on-site B-Smokery restaurant!

JooSoap OSCEdays Helsinki 2017

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