Paramo Permacultura Colombia Soap-making Workshop

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On the 1st of May 2017, I organized a soap-making workshop with the association “Paramo Permacultura Colombia” in Paipa (Colombia).

We used recycled oil from the cooking of typical colombian “arepas”(flat bread) and caustic soda. Angela and Gregory, the permaculture teachers of the association, are used to live a DIY life and they were very eager to learn the procedure of soap-making. We filtered the used oil, we made the soap and we added some lavender oil for a nice scent.

The final products were awesome!

Paramo Permacultura Colombia

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I am an enthusiast researcher with the obsession for recycling, permaculture, renewable energy and of course, eco soap-making. I literally bounced into joosoap when surfing on the web and I got impressed seeing how somebody else in the world had an idea similar to mine about used oil for soap making as a way to reduce waste and environment damaging. I proudly enrolled as the first Joosoap Ambassador in south america. To the adventure .....!!!!

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