EcoSoap Products

for general household cleaning and hand washing

* Local circular economy in practice!

Every 1 kg of ecosoap upcycled 1 Liter of used cooking oil from local restaurant and household's kitchen.

1. EcoSoap

bar soaps

  • 100-110g per pcs/packaged
  • 550g/bag (cotton bag/paper bag)
  • by weight (not packaged, only available at our Helsinki Studio)
  • +waste coffee grounds, 100g per pcs/packaged
2. EcoSoap powder

for DIY liquid soap

Make your own eco liquid soap in 20 minutes! Just add water and boiled the liquid. Then, cool down the liquid and refill to recycled bottles. (Instruction)

  • for 2 Liters of liquid soap (Small)
  • for 6 Liters of liquid soap (Big)
3. Eco liquid soap

easily to use for replace detergents

Condensed eco liquid soap for general household/office cleaning. Perfect and easy to use for cleaning floor, toilet, shoes, kitchen, bike, car, carpet, metal, wood, leather, furniture.

  • 500ml / 1 Liter / 10 Liters
  • Refill with your own bottle at our Helsinki Studio


Tryout Set (bag)

A welcomed special for starter & as eco-gifts. Tryout set includes all kinds of eco-soap products for you to clean for 1 season!


  • 250g bar eco-soaps
  • DIY powders for making 2 liter of liquid soap
  • 500ml bottled eco liquid soap
Greeting Box

A special eco-gifts for your family & friends. Greeting box includes all kinds of eco-soap products for you to clean for 1 season! A greeting note card is included for you to write down some words.


  • 400g bar eco-soaps
  • DIY powders for making 2 liters of liquid soap
  • 300-400ml bottled eco liquid soap.
Customized happy gift

Spread the world together!

Wedding/birthday/graduation gifts, company eco-gifts for a better world. Customized label with your own text or logo.

  • Standard EcoSoap: 100-110g/pcs
  • Package paper (kraft paper, red, dark blue, recycled magazine, from your own recycled paper...)
  • Minimum order: 30 pcs

* contact us for more details.

How to use

  1. Apply liquid soap / bar soap to the dirty and greasy surface with rag, brush, sponge, mop.
  2. Wait for 1-3 minutes and start brushing. (if it's a very greasy/dirty stain, wait for longer time will be more effective)
  3. Use clean water to wash again. Done!

Local produce, local use!

All JooSoap products are handmade and packaged in Helsinki or Espoo. We use "cold process" soap making methods.