JooSoap Taiwan_TUM_exhibition_2021

TUM Taiwan Acts! Exhibition

JooSoapExhibition, JooSoap

Our main partner Taiwan Taichung Maple Culture Association and the Maple Eco School has been selected to the exhibition “TAIWAN ACTS, Architecture in Social Dialogue” at the A.M. Architekturmuseum Der TUM, Munich. In the theme: Developing Local Communities, the Maple Community – EcoSoap movement has been included and one of the highlights to demonstration the power of engaging women and …


Aalto TestSite Paradox City Exhibition

JooSoapExhibition, JooSoap

Happy ending of the year 2018! The 1st season of The Test Site is presented at the Paradox City Exhibition. Every TestSite projects were linking with relative input/outs resources sharing on the campus. JooSoap Campus Mini Studio collected the used cooking oil from the Täffä restaurant on the campus and using some dry herbs from the TestSite garden. The ecosoap …

JooSoap_Rehogar 9 Exhibition_Open Design and Reuse

REHOGAR exhibition @ Barcelona, Spain


JooSoap is selected in the Makea Tu Vida-REHOGAR 9 exhibition “Open Design & Reuse” in Barcelona, Spain. REHOGAR 9 presents a selection of 35 experiences, practices and tools from all over the world that can influence the social transformation of daily life. “REHOGAR is a collective exhibition and an annual gathering focussing on open design and reuse as tools for …

Exhibition at Zamek Cieszyn in Poland


JooSoap is selected as a good example of ecology and environmental protection in the exhibition “Gramy w zielone. Odpowiedzialne projektowanie” (We play in green. Responsible design) at Zamek Cieszyn in Poland – a regional design center on the Polish-Czech border.–odpowiedzialne-projektowanie-400 Time: 10.08. to 23.09.2012  10.00 – 17.00 Say hello to our eco-soap if you are around!! photo by Zamek Cieszyn

JooSoap * MoA 2012


We will have a small stand in Design Factory projects/Unicef Finland area in this year MoA. Just next to amazing toilet area. “Bring your own bottle for refilling some eco liquid soap!” Welcome!! 9 May- 3 June 2012 Mon-Fri 12pm-8pm Sat-Sun 12pm-6pm Rantamakasiini L3 Tyynenmerenkatu 6 (ent. / ex. Hietasaarenkuja 6) MoA Exhibition