JooSoap workshop 2023 highlights

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Some highlights of 2023 season eco-soap and liquid soap workshops in Helsinki. Kicking off the season by co-making session with old friends on the EARTH DAY. In total we organized 10 workshop and co-making event with around 80 participants this year, and upcycled 40 liters of used cooking oil and expired oil from local restaurants and households. It’s our pleasure …

JooSoap workshop 2022 highlights

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EcoSoap workshops in Helsinki were finally slowly back from the pandemic. As usual, we made eco-soaps together and get discussions with related environmental and health issues. Good to meet many nice participants and some private gathering workshops during this season. Our workshop will turn into Spring-Autumn seasonal events from now on. We wish all stay well over the winter and …

JooSoap EcoSoap workshop at the Helsinki Design Week 2019

Kiitos! JooSoap*Helsinki Design Week 2019

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Thank you all for joining the JooSoap EcoSoap workshop * Helsinki Design Week edition 2019. During these Helsinki Design Week workshops, we upcycled 25 liters of used cooking oil from local restaurants: Loop, Labby Catering, My Dear Kitchen in Helsinki, Kääntöpöyta kitchen, and some neighborhood household oil. There are also some participants brought their own oil from home, well done. …

JooSoap workshop_Keru Circular Workshop Day

Keru Circular Workshop Day

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We were taking part at the Keru-yhteisöjääkaappi Circular Workshop Day, part of the HDW 2019 side events. At Keru, we met a nice group of people joining the workshop and sharing their experience of used cooking oil disposal from their home countries. It was happy to meet you all! Yhteisöjääkaappi Community Fridge INFO: Community fridge is a concept and a place …

JooSoap ambassador in Lisbon, Portugal

Welcome 2nd JooSoap Ambassador Cátia!


Welcome 2nd JooSoap Ambassador Cátia! She is a portuguese environment enginner, living in Lisbon. She completed her master thesis in production of liquid soap from used cooking oil (in a more professional way in the lab). We are happy to have another experts joining our network. Cheers! #JooSoap #Ambassador #ecosoap #spreadtheword

JooSoap Taiwan_UN CSW62_2018



We are happy to join again in the 2018 NGO CSW-62 Forum at UN New York! Together with Taichung Maple Eco-School, we presented JooSosp project and cases both in Taiwan and Finland that how ecosoap movements play roles for better mental health and empowerment for immigrants and rural girls/women. Plenty of feedbacks were received in CSW-62 NGO parallel events. Fruitful …

Open Source Circular Economy Days, Helsinki 2017

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♫ Open Source Circular Economy Day Helsinki 2017 ♫ We upcycled 8 liters of used cooking oil(from on-side restaurant) into around 80 EcoSoaps! Thanks all for joining the workshop and co-making together. And some bikes were turning shining today! Well done! —————- JooSoap Studio is honored to take part in Open Source Circular Economy Days Helsinki again in 2017. This …

JooSoap*Helsinki Day 2017 @ Kääntöpöydällä

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Completed! On this Helsinki Day 2017 celebration, we upcycled 10 liters of local used cooking oil by co-making with visitors. Some of used cooking oil were collected from Kääntöpöytä kitchen and others were from Finnish #vappumunkki oil. Altogether will turned into 100 eco-soap after 8 weeks. Thanks all for join today. 🙂 ————————–– Farming, Climbing, Petanque and Urban Planning – Rock Your Body and …


[Video]JooSoap Story – Circular Economy

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Check our latest video about JooSoap Studio Story in Helsinki, Finland. See how we apply with circular economy and design strategies, to act locally and globally. The project of making eco-soap from used cooking oil locally and the related environmental issues we are tackling for better environmental life. *Thanks all of our supporters/interviewees/contributors for making this video come alive; and …

Workshop in Eutopia Ecocentro

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The workshop took place on Saturday, 26th November 2016, at the Eutopia Ecocentro, in Reque (Chiclayo, Perú). The place is a wonderful ecovillage with the main mission to develop sustainable lifestyle (agriculture, farming, resource sharing) in balance with nature. Eco-Soap making was perfectly fitting into that environment. The main ingredients were wasted fats (chicken fats) and caustic soda. Eventually we …

Boat washing with JooSoap Eco liquid soap @Hernesaari, Helsinki

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We were testing JooSoap Eco liquid soap on boat washing. We challenged the most difficulty parts like waterline stains and metal. And YES!! It works really well, very effectively. Proofed by the experienced master. @Hernesaari, Helsinki #joosoap #ecosoap #ecoliquidsoap #sustainblecleaning #boatwashing #hernesaari #helsinki

Open Source Circular Economy Days, Helsinki 2016

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JooSoap Studio is honored to take part in Open Source Circular Economy Days Helsinki again in 2016. This time is right next to our office door at the urban farming center: Kääntöpöytä Green house. “Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCEdays) is a global event & community to create open resources & possibilities for a global shift towards a waste-free, sustainable …