JooSoap vs. Castle Cieszyn, Poland

JooSoap JooSoap, Workshop

Zamek Cieszyn is a reginal design center in Cieszyn, on the Polish-Czech border. This year is their 8th anniversary. I had a great time visiting exhibitions, sharing JooSoap story to audiences in the Art Castel conference and 2 eco-soap making workshops with local residents. Thanks for your participating, also your smiles and feedbacks . Let’s see how your soaps look like …

JooSoap at Zamek Cieszyn 8th Anniversary, Poland

JooSoap JooSoap, Workshop

1.2-3.2.2013 Very Wise Birthday of Castle Cieszyn! It’s my pleasure to be invited to give a presentation and workshop in Zamek Cieszyn. 2 Eco-soap making Workshops on 2.2(Sat.) 11:00-12:00, 17:00-18:00 I heard the workshops are almost fully booked, We will have fun!

Exhibition at Zamek Cieszyn in Poland

JooSoap JooSoap

JooSoap is selected as a good example of ecology and environmental protection in the exhibition “Gramy w zielone. Odpowiedzialne projektowanie” (We play in green. Responsible design) at Zamek Cieszyn in Poland – a regional design center on the Polish-Czech border.–odpowiedzialne-projektowanie-400 Time: 10.08. to 23.09.2012  10.00 – 17.00 Say hello to our eco-soap if you are around!! photo by Zamek Cieszyn