JooSoap Taiwan Maple-Eco-School completed 30 school touring workshops in 2021

Touring workshop 2021, TAIWAN

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The EcoSoap touring workshop together with Taichung Maple Eco School visited 19 schools in 2021! Organized by TPCF foundation, this year we spend some time on the southeast coast of Taiwan in Taitung county, facing the Pacific Ocean. And also the important farm lands in Changhua and the northeast Yilan county.

In total around 806 students and teachers were participated in the course. Estimate we upcycled 106 Liters of used cooking oil/ expiring oil for making EcoSoaps and liquid soap. The EcoSoap were kept in the school for students to continue observing and taking care for another 8 weeks to complete the saponification and curing process.

During the time in Taitung, we visited some schools in the city, but also some schools in the forests that were mostly indigenous students from different tribes. It was challenging but also exciting for us to see the variety of school environment and student’s level from the same age. But we all have same goals-to protect our waterway and the nature environment! Keep the “pure”, and beautiful landscape of Taiwan for next generations.

About the EcoSoap Touring Workshop and JooSoap’s role:

The Maple Eco School has been giving EcoSoap workshops and environmental lecturers to school groups time to time since 1996. Since 2016, this lecture has gradually getting more attention when collaborate with the TPCF foundation’s Eco Masters Touring Lectures program. JooSoap Studio have the chances to keep improving the lecture contents and process with experienced ecosoap lecturers/masters in Taiwan. We modified the lecture material to includes few topics (e.g. plastic wastes, used cooking oil disposal issues, chemical detergents, SDGs, river and ocean life) for an intensive 1.5hr lecture. In addition to demonstrate the basic knowledge of ecosoap making from used cooking oil, the non-smell detergent will be made by students during the course. The result will be kept for the class and students could use these soaps to clean the campus and their home.

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