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Tryout Set

20,00  inc. VAT 24%

Try all JooSoap products: EcoSoap, Espressoap, Soap powder, Liquid soap


Tryout set includes all kinds of EcoSoap products for you to clean for 1 season!

  • 200g Eco-soaps for general household cleaning (3-4pcs)
  • 80g Espressoap for hand-washing
  • Soap powders for DIY 2 liter of liquid soap (add water > boil > add your preffered scent > cool down and bottled)
  • 500ml Eco liquid soap

* Local produce, local use! Handmade in Helsinki.

* The soap we made in JooSoap Studio is all made from “cold process” method. Every soap is cured and dry for more than 8 weeks, so the saponification is completely finished.

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Weight 1000 g


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